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Ruslan Zasukhin sunshine at public.kherson.ua
Wed Oct 4 18:36:13 EDT 2006

On 10/5/06 1:13 AM, "Andre Garzia" <soapdog at mac.com> wrote:

>> What sorts of tasks would threading be essential for?
> Making servers!!!!
> We need threads or fork(). Thats the only way to serve thousands of
> concurrent connections.

Andre, this is not best model.

If you going developer servers of any kind, I recommend you take a look on
ACE framework. Just read its docs. May be you will find useful buy 2 books
of ACE main developer Douglas.

In short: if you want have 1000 connections, it is NOT good idea to have
1000 threads. BECAUSE your computer have one or e.g. 4 CPUs. And your 1000
threads start slow down a lots only on switch of context.

Exists other more effective models.

> You create a simple server that can serve
> just one request. You pick every request create a new thread/fork and
> run that server with that request, even if it is a expensive request
> that will take long to work, it will not interrupt or harm the other
> request because each one is running on its own space.
> You can't really work with queues and task lists when building a web
> server... I did that, but if something blocks, then the whole server
> blocks...

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