Help with table fields and cell editing

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Wed Oct 4 18:00:10 EDT 2006

> I have a Rev 2.7.4 (build 291) PC interface for database editing that is in
> great shape except for one feature, directly editing a list of points. It
> seems to me that this should be a natural table field & cell editing task,
> but I can not see how to make it work.
> I have a group that contains a table field. The table field is not locked,
> the "Table object" setting is checked, the "cREVTable(celle" box is checked
> (cell editing), and the maximum editable column is set to 2. The tab stop is
> less than half the width of the field, after subtracting the width of the
> vertical scroll bar. Problems persist with or without a horizontal scroll
> bar.

My preferences in such a case is to populate a standard list field
from the database. When a line in the field is selected, I then
populate a set of edit fields, radio button, popup mens etc, so that
that single line can be edited, with buttons for delete, apply edits,
cancel and add new record.

While this may appear more clunky than direct editing of the table, it
allows much more control & validation of data entered.


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