Testing for numerics

Francis Nugent Dixon effendi at wanadoo.fr
Wed Oct 4 15:55:18 EDT 2006

Hi Eric,

I totally agree ! Pre 1980 Data Processing (that was what
it was called in those days) spent eons vetting, rejecting
and ....   finally ..... integrating external data.

Things changed later, when the idea of checking Data Entry
"at the source" was born ! Of course, this was only possible
after the introduction of independant (non-centralized) systems.

I think we all agree that you should not let "sh....t" enter the
system, then you won't have to spend time fleecing it out.

So ..... Can we now have the "all singing - all dancing" data
entry routine, with a call sequence like :

          put dataentry(x,y) into myreceptionfield

where x is the type of check required, and y is the length to be
accepted ......   ?

........ unless, of course,  you can think of more criteria .....

This routine could be integrated into your nice "Managing Entry
Boxes"  stack.

However, the equally elegant solution from our unknown
"FlexibleLearning at aol.com"  user is also interesting :

> function  isPositiveInteger pValue
> return (pValue is a number) AND (pValue  >=0) AND 
> (trunc(pValue)=pValue)
> end isPositiveInteger



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