Hypercard to Studio conversion

Gordon Shimizu gshimizu at santarosa.edu
Tue Oct 3 19:25:01 EDT 2006

I'm in the process on converting a number of my hypercard stacks into
Studio.  I find Studio handlers very similar to hypercard's.  However, the
converted stacks do not behave as in hypercard (didn't expect it to!).
My converted stacks consist of a master directory stack that was linked to a
subdirectory stack then to the individual topic stacks.  In hypercard, when
I opened the master directory stack to open the subdirectory stack the
master directory stack would simply close.  In studio, the master directory
stack window is still open and behind the subdirectory window.  How can I
get the master directory to close as well as any stacks that is opened from
the subdirectory stack? 

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