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What else are you going to run the 'Journeyman Project' on?



On 3 Oct 2006, at 20:10, Robert Brenstein wrote:

>> Precisely why marketers would have a keen interest in quantifying  
>> this. It would be invaluable to know the percentages of those  
>> likely to buy products for OS X and those who haven't bought a new  
>> computer in more than half a decade.
>> If the number of people using OS 9 is anything close to as large  
>> as it was two years ago, all projections for all OS X-based  
>> vendors will produce a deficit for these companies unless they're  
>> able to know and correct for this dormant submarket.
>> For this reason it would seem very useful for a professional  
>> marketing firm or major vendor to have put out the relatively  
>> minor cost to quantify this submarket.
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>>  Richard Gaskin
>>  Managing Editor, revJournal
> I doubt that reliable stats are readily available. Anyway, I doubt  
> them being that useful for marketing anyway. IMHO, OS9 is pretty  
> much dead for general software releases. I believe that OS9 users  
> pretty much already have what they need in terms of production and  
> utility sofware and since there are no new OS releases for them,  
> whatever they have will function forever. If they needed newer  
> software, they have bought a newer computer. Having said that, I  
> also believe that there is still enough sale opportunities for  
> specific vertical apps that target or include support for OS9.
> Robert
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