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Jim Carwardine JimCarwardine at OwnYourFuture-net.com
Tue Oct 3 15:48:27 EDT 2006

Hi Ken... Just a couple more questions.

I successfully installed Os 9 into SheepShaver.  Although I created a hard
disk - OS9HD - as you suggested, when I loaded OS 9, it loaded into a hard
disk called "untitled" which I retitled OS9HD when the system was up and
running.  It seems to be the same disk.  At least the untitled disk was the
same size as the size I had specified when I set up SheepShaver.

I'm wanting to approach SheepShaver like it was the Classic window in OSX on
the PPC meaning that I want to access files on my OSX hard disk from the
SheepShaver window.  However, although I can't anything that looks like a
users guide for SheepShaver, it looks like I need to load files and
applications into the SheepShaver environment by burning the files I want to
move to SheepShaver onto a CD ROM and then reading it in SheepShaver.


on 9/27/06 9:16 PM, Ken Ray wrote:

> On 9/27/06 6:53 PM, "Jim Carwardine" <JimCarwardine at OwnYourFuture-net.com>
> wrote:
>> Actually, I'm having trouble understanding how to install SheepShaver as
>> well.  The web site assumes a certain level of technical savvy I don't have.
>> Ken, can you give us a 6 line primer on how to find such things as the OS
>> ROMs, etc?... Jim
> Here's the steps I followed (found this on the Ambrosia Software Web Board -
> watch the line breaks) - it's a bit more than 6 lines though <grin>:
>    1. Create a folder for all the SheepShaver data to go into. I would
> suggest something easy to type, like "sheepshaver" in your home directory.
> For the purposes of this, I'll assume that you chose
> /Users/username/sheepshaver.
>    2. Create a folder "share" in the "sheepshaver" folder (for later).
>    3. Get a Mac ROM. The one in your Classic system folder may work (I've
> been told it should, but mine didn't). I would suggest downloading a ROM
> update from Apple and using TomeViewer to extract the ROM. (TomeViewer is a
> Classic app itself.)
> You can get the ROM here:
>    http://download.info.apple.com/Apple_Support_Area/Apple_Software_Updates/
> MultiCountry/Macintosh/System/Mac_OS_ROM/Mac_OS_ROM_Update_1.0.smi.bin
> And TomeViewer here:
>    http://www.macresource.com/mrp/software/tomeviewer-13d3.sit
> Find a machine that can run Classic or already has OS 9, download the ROM
> Update and TomeViewer, decompress them and launch TomeViewer. You can then
> choos to open a "tome", which will be on the disk image for the ROM Update.
> There's an extract option, so select the ROM file and extract it. However
> you obtain the ROM, name it "ROM" and place it inside the "sheepshaver"
> folder.
>    4. Download SheepShaver. (You want the "MacOS X Universal Binary" near
> the bottom of the page.)
> You can get SheepShaver here:
>      http://www.gibix.net/dokuwiki/en:projects:sheepshaver
>    5. Decompress SheepShaver and put it where you want. I would suggest
> keeping it seperate from the "sheepshaver" folder created above, and naming
> the application folder "SheepShaver-May06" (or whatever date the release
> was). All of the releases for a while have been numbered 2.3, so the only
> way to tell them apart is the date.
>    6. Open "SheepShaverGUI.app".
>    7. Create a SheepShaver hard drive. Press "Create..." in the window that
> appears. Change the size to something usable; I would suggest 400-600 MB.
> Navigate to your "sheepshaver" folder and name the drive something like
> "os9hd". Press "OK"; it will take a few moments to create the drive (the
> program hasn't frozen).
>    8. Change the "Unix Root" to /Users/username/sheepshaver/share (or
> wherever your "sheepshaver" folder is).
>    9. In the "Graphics/Sound" tab, make sure that Window mode is selected
> (fullscreen will freeze in this version!) with a refresh rate of 60hz.
> Change the width/height to either 640x480, 800x600, or 1024x768, depending
> on your screen size. I would recommend you use a standard 4:3 resolution
> (one of the three I listed). Make sure "QuickDraw Acceleration" is on, and
> "Disable Sound" is off (don't worry about the Output and Mixer devices, they
> aren't used on OS X).
>   10. In Keyboard/Mouse, turn off "Use Raw Keycodes" and set "Mouse Wheel
> Function" to your liking if you have a mouse wheel (which isn't recognized
> by OS 9 so SheepShaver has to do something else to pretend).
>   11. In Serial/Network, make sure "slirp" is the Ethernet interface.
>   12. In Memory/Misc, set the RAM size to something reasonable given your
> computer. 128MB should be more than fine (have it set to 64 just to quickly
> jump in and out of OS 9, if you're planning on doing a lot you should
> probably do 128 or higher). Change the ROM path to
> /Users/username/sheepshaver/ROM (or wherever your "sheepshaver" folder is).
> You can use the Browse... button for that. Turn off "Ignore Illegal Memory
> Accesses" and turn on "Don't Use CPU when idle".
>   13. Insert your OS 9 (or earlier) install disk, then press the "Start"
> buttton at the bottom. It should boot from the CD; you can then initialize
> your OS 9 hard drive and install OS 9.
> NOTE: If you are either told that it crashed (less likely) or you get the
> standard question mark blinking in the disk icon, don't panic. Sometimes
> this happens. If so, quit SheepShaver (you may have to force quit), and then
> with your OS 9 disk in the drive, launch the "SheepShaver.app" application
> (NOT the "SheepShaver GUI" app).  It should "kick in" and recognize the CD
> and boot from there.
>    15. Use Special -> Shutdown to always shut down SheepShaver (just like a
> real Mac). After the install, shut down and remove the CD. Run
> "SheepShaver.app" again. Open the "Sound" (not "Moniters and Sound") control
> panel and set the output correctly so you can hear sound. Sound and
> networking should both work; you're good to go!
> HTH,
> Ken Ray
> Sons of Thunder Software
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> Email: kray at sonsothunder.com
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