Long Filename for Stackfile Breaks Save?

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Mon Oct 2 22:44:46 EDT 2006

I got badly burned today with a stack where I added some characters to 
the file such that it became longer than 32 chars on Mac OSX... after 
doing quite a bit of data entry, where I had an auto save function set 
up and also a save button and was *sure* there was no way to lose work 
and clicking in the IDE save menu item brought up the normal save modal 
for a few seconds...all appear normal.

Later appears that after quitting the stack, nothing was saved at all! 
We noted on the finder a temp file


where the temp file that Rev creates on the fly had a "greeked" file 
name.  Normally this file appears momentarily and then disappears 
milliseconds later.

I reduced the file name to


and everything started working as normal

Is this a known bug?


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