Grouped objects "losing" grouping but not!

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Mon Oct 2 13:52:59 EDT 2006

On Oct 2, 2006, at 8:41 AM, Jim Ault wrote:

> On 10/1/06 10:57 PM, "James Hale" <jehale at> wrote:
>> Seems you can GROUP object to your heart's content but, you can't  
>> ungroup
>> them and you can't re-select the group at a later time (at least  
>> via the
>> GUI.)
>> 1   Has anyone else had this problem?
> The real problem you are having is typical of anyone new to Rev.   
> The 'mode'
> is the key... you can switch between 'select grouped' ON, which  
> means that
> the individual controls, etc are activated, or  'select grouped'  
> OFF, which
> means the group is activated, then you can turn on  'edit group'.
>> 2   Any ideas on how to ungroup the objects?
> By using 'select grouped' OFF, activating a group, choose ungroup  
> from the
> menu
>> 3   Any idea on how to access the group via the GUI?
>  'select grouped' OFF + activate + 'edit group' ON

Let me add that there is a long-standing bug in the Rev interface  
that causes the "select grouped" mode to not be obvious. In other  
words, when you click on the Select Grouped icon on the toolbar, it  
is supposed to turn red and go boldfaced when in select grouped mode,  
and go white/plain again when in "normal" (i.e., select the whole  
group) mode. Unfortunately, when you are in select grouped mode,  
after selected various objects, invariably the state of the select  
grouped icon will revert back to plain/white, giving you no visual  
indication of what mode you're in. This is a source of great  
confusion to beginners (and even non-beginners!) until they develop  
an automatic awareness of this pitfall. You just have to pay close  
attention when selecting objects that are in groups, always double  
checking which mode you're in.


Devin Asay
Humanities Technology and Research Support Center
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