Grouped objects "losing" grouping but not!

James Hale jehale at
Mon Oct 2 01:57:44 EDT 2006


Recently I needed to group some objects on a card.

I selected the objects and then selected the "Group" command from the menu.

Great, objects all became one selection which I could then move around as
one object INITIALLY.

After clicking somewhere else I needed to reselect the group. I clicked on
one member object but only it was selected.

It turned out I was unable to select the group again. I then tried
"ungrouping" by individually selecting objects and adding to the selection
until I included them all but the "ungroup command was not available.

Ok, I will group them again. Same deal.

Then I notice that I now have TWO nested groups.

Seems you can GROUP object to your heart's content but, you can't ungroup
them and you can't re-select the group at a later time (at least via the


1   Has anyone else had this problem?
2   Any ideas on how to ungroup the objects?
3   Any idea on how to access the group via the GUI?

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