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> Regarding which of the standalone versions to include in distributing one's
> built applications, please correct me if my logic is wrong here:
> a. I assume that very few Mac users have operating systems that are earlier
> than OS X, so one does not have to be so concerned about distributing for OS 9
> (or Classic).
> b. Many people, though, may have OSX versions less than 3.9, so distributing
> an application in Universal Binary would not help these users, if Universal
> Binary requires OS X.3.9 or higher.   One would then have to also include
> PowerPC-only (for all versions of OSX) and Intel-only (for optimal performance
> on 
> Intel) versions to reach most users.
> c.   Perhaps the ideal way of distributing might be a combination of
> PowerPC-only and Intel-only versions.   That should cover all PowerPC versions
> as 
> well as Intel.   It would not be necessary to include the Universal Binary
> version.
> Does this logic make sense?

Certainly. Of course you could just make all three available with notes on
the OS version restrictions... but it's your call!


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