Waiting until a player is loaded

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Sun Oct 1 14:31:17 EDT 2006

Sivakatirswami wrote:
> Oh.. yes,  fun with QuickTime and players...
> I'm deep into this myself, with remote URL's, streaming media
> -- Windows boulders and sand traps...
> Try this -- assumes your screen shot could be one or two frames in --
> and -- you are not in a big rush....
> untested hack, that avoids trying to
> resolve the nagging  "it should work, but doesn't"
> from the school of  "WHEW" (WHatEverWorks)
> set filename  of player "newPlayer"
> start player "newPlayer"
> stop player "newPlayer"
> # in the player itself.
> on playStopped
>     # take your screen shot now
>     # my goodness, it *must* be rendered  in the
>     # VRAM at this point, bien sur! (Mauritian Creole "for sure!)   
> end playStopped

This is even better, and works fine. I didn't have to use the 
playstopped message, all I have to do is:

   start player "temp"
   stop player "temp"

This removes the jerkiness that a wait command causes, always displays 
the movie image, makes a very smooth snapshot visually, and works great. 
WHEW indeed. :)

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