Waiting until a player is loaded

sims sims at ezpzapps.com
Sun Oct 1 14:03:08 EDT 2006

At 1:04 PM -0500 10/1/06, J. Landman Gay wrote:
>Eric Chatonet wrote:
>>  Obviously you tried all methods but without starting the player:
>>  PlayLoudness > zero
>>  repeat > load;start;[wait x ms];stop;set currentTime to zero;snapshot...
>>  Not tested ;-)
>You're a genuis, it works!

That genius, Eric Chatonet, will be presenting the following at the EuroRevCon!

Crystal Clear Design = Well Thought Out Stacks
"Whatever your level, you can produce extremely user-friendly 
Revolution applications quickly and easily. This lecture will focus 
on what you need to consider during your design process and then 
proceed, in a hands-on manner, to demonstrate and teach you how to 
make these design principles a reality!

Will be covered: What is ergonomics; How to dissect your user's needs 
and processes; How to design for multiple platforms; How to plan your 
layout in advance; Designing and building a well thought out code 
architecture; Designing for a cross-language, multi-cultural and a 
psychologically diverse user base.
You will learn how to make and use skins, custom drawings and 
controls, multilingual stacks, user preferences, help settings, 
unique drag and drops, and other secrets you can easily master to 
achieve your goals.

Discover, in practice, how to bring your design and development 
process to a whole new level!"

Seats are still available - send me an email if you are interested in 


European Rev Conference  2006

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