A couple of Windows questions

Lars Brehmer larsbrehmer at mac.com
Sun Oct 1 12:34:27 EDT 2006

I guess I'm an idiot when working in Windows, but a few simple  

1. How can I make sure that the i-beam cursor is visible in a text  
field?  I am tweaking a windows version of a Mac app, and sometimes  
the i-beam is there and sometimes it isn't. I compared the fields in  
question and they seem identical - focusable, auto hilite text,  
traversal on, share text, etc.  The cursor changes to an i-beam when  
it passes over the field, but is invisible when inserted, but i can  
type and select - seems weird without that blinking i-beam, which a  
user would definitely expect to see.

2. Is there anything special about "move" in Windows -  I have some  
scripts that moveobjects, and sometimes they work, albeit it a little  
bit jerky, sometimes they don't happen at all and other times the  
object just shows up at the destination with no mevement in between.

3. What up with visual effects in Windows?  OK, I admit I am doing  
something that isn't mentioned at all in the docs, and that is  
showing groups on a card with effects like wipe, scroll and reveal  
(the docs only mention transitions between cards and stacks.) but  
they work on the Mac.  At first I thought maybe that's just a little  
bonus on the Mac, but then I saw that in a couple of instances they  
DO happen in Windows!  Similar groups, same effect, sometimes it  
works, sometimes it doesn't.  Some built in effects don't seem to  
work at all.  This is a childrens progam, and the cheesy motion  
effects are important.

At first I thought it might be the fact that this is a cheap machine  
with a Celeron processor, but some things work, others don't.  A lot  
of you must have had these problems and found solutions, right?

I am not ragging on Windows, - heck! - a previous problem of mine,  
namely inserting a field and wanting the keyboard map to switch to  
Russian in the case of a Russian text field, and to Estonian in the  
case of an Estonian field works automatically in Windows, but not at  
all on the Mac.  By the way, does anyone know why this is and how to  
fix it on the Mac?



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