Rev 2.7.4 questions about building standalones

Stgoldberg at Stgoldberg at
Sun Oct 1 08:48:14 EDT 2006

I just upgraded from Rev 2.7.1 to 2.7.4 and am impressed by the ability to 
build for so many Macs, including Intels, but am a bit confused by the wealth of 
On the Standalone settings, one is given the options to build for 
a. Mac OS (Classic, for which there is a notation, "Build for Mac OS Classic 
will be available in 2.7.x")
b.   Mac OSX (Universal)
c.   Mac OSX (Power PC only)
d. Mac OSX (Intel only)
e.   Windows

Once   the application is built, the folders have the titles:
a.   Mac OSX (which I assume refers to Universal)
b.   Mac OSX PowerPC-32 (which I assume refers to Power PC only)
c.   Mac OSX   x86-32 (which I assume refers to Intel only, since I do not 
have an Intel Mac and it won't open on my computer)
d.   Windows

My question is this.   If the Universal version will work both on Intel Mac 
computers as well as non-Intel Mac OS X computers, what would be the advantage 
of including the "Power PC only" or "Intel only" versions when distributing 
one's application, since the Universal version would seem to work on both kinds 
of computers?   While one could   just take a shotgun approach and distribute 
all the versions, it would take up less CD space to include only those that 
are necessary.   So perhaps one could just distribute the Universal version (not 
the Power PC only or Intel only versions) since it would work on Power PC and 
Intel Macs; or one could distribute just the Power PC only   and Intel only 
versions, without including the Universal version. Is it necessary to include 
all the options when distributing a built application? Perhaps someone can 
enlighten me further on this. Thanks.
Steve Goldberg

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