snapshot and imageData...

Francis Nugent Dixon effendi at
Wed May 31 15:49:46 EDT 2006

Hi from Paris,

I agree about Rev gagging on large JPEG files, and
coming up with a black rect.

> On May 31, 2006, at 8:48 AM, jbv wrote:
>> the 2nd image is just a black rect; although the imagedata
>> contains more than 5 Mb of binary, it seems that they're
>> all zeros...
> It might be that Rev is gagging on the large JPEG.  Perhaps, this
> works better with PNG.

I had to scale down many of my JPEG files with
GraphicConverter to get them visible in my stack.
If the JPEG is less than 500K, then display is almost
immediate. If it is over 2 megs, be prepared for a long
wait - and the dreaded black rect afterwards (Mac G4 733)!
2 meg colour photos from my Sony digital, scaled down
to less than a meg work beautifully. Strangely enough,
high volume Black & White photos seem prone to this
problem, although I haven't quite fathomed out the whys
and whens ! It seems as if most of my problems come
from scanned B & W photos (HP ScanJet 7400). I may
rescan these using a different quality. I also use a little
routine to scale the "too tall - too wide" photos into the
smaller wondow. This may not help either. I will try PNGs
when I get some time !


"Nothing should ever be done for the first time !"

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