sql execution - reply

mfstuart at cox.net mfstuart at cox.net
Tue May 30 12:15:06 EDT 2006

Hi Bob,

I've created a simple stack that interfaces to a MySQL table.
It accesses a States listing, very simple.
It has all the functions that one would need to read, write, and delete records, as well as the typical record navigation.
All of this in native Run Rev scripting. There is no "library".

I have it on my home computer, and I can copy it to the Rev Online tonight for you to pick up.

User name: mfstuart

Since I just discovered how to import a text file, I'll see if I can get that in
before putting it up on Rev Online. It will import the text file containing all
the State abbreviations and Names.

I hope this wil help you.

Mark Stuart

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