turning a list into something more complex

R.Beynon at liverpool.ac.uk R.Beynon at liverpool.ac.uk
Tue May 30 11:31:45 EDT 2006

I'm writing a program that will eventually create a tabbed line, multiple lines
in a field.

Is there any way I can display each line (or a subsection thereof) and place
beside it a series of check boxes or pull down boxes.

peptide 1 1234.5  [chk1]  [..]   [..]  pulldowncolour  pulldownstyle
peptide 2 2334.5  [chk2]  [..]   [..]  pulldowncolour  pulldownstyle

Say I was drawing a graphic controlled by the list, and I wanted to use check
boxes to say "display this" or "Colour this red/green/blue (pulldown)". I have
tried to think this through, but I can't see an easy way at all. The number of
items in the list are such as to require that I can scroll through the items.

Impossible? (I know nothing is impossible in rev, so I guess I mean "possible?"

Thanks in advance


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