audio file volume levels

Judy Perry jperryl at
Sun May 28 01:23:58 EDT 2006


Makes me want to go buy a few... except, that I don't have an OS 9 machine
up and running... but I do have an old 601 machine laying around in the

Great little app... one of the few I have available in my teaching lab...


On Sat, 27 May 2006, Stephen Barncard wrote:

> Good old SoundEdit 16 ! Great app.
> Converts anything to anything (except broadcast Waves, which hadn't
> been invented yet!). It can even deal with old Hypercard sound
> resources and convert them to aiff or whatever. It used to seem slow
> and sluggish, but on today's machines it's quite zippy.
> Yep. I just checked in Mac OS 10.4.6 in Classic -- The little sucker
> is on the drive and works great- IN CLASSIC.
> several copies are on Ebay right now at about $40, including the
> multitrack editor DECK, brand new.
> This would be the one app I'd keep OS 9 for (outside of Hypercard).

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