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Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Sat May 27 14:01:23 EDT 2006

Good old SoundEdit 16 ! Great app.

Converts anything to anything (except broadcast Waves, which hadn't 
been invented yet!). It can even deal with old Hypercard sound 
resources and convert them to aiff or whatever. It used to seem slow 
and sluggish, but on today's machines it's quite zippy.

Yep. I just checked in Mac OS 10.4.6 in Classic -- The little sucker 
is on the drive and works great- IN CLASSIC.

several copies are on Ebay right now at about $40, including the 
multitrack editor DECK, brand new.

This would be the one app I'd keep OS 9 for (outside of Hypercard).

>If you have OS 9 and can get your hands on a copy of SoundEdit 16, 
>it has both a normalize filter and a batch conversion utility.

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