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Jan Schenkel janschenkel at
Fri May 26 17:21:23 EDT 2006

--- Robert Sneidar <bobs at> wrote:
> I encountered an odd thing. I have a field as part
> of a background  
> group with text in it that is different for every
> card. If on one  
> card I enable the Cell Editing property, then on the
> other cards, as  
> long as I don't click in the field, the existing
> text is preserved.  
> But as soon as I click in the field, the text is
> replaced by the text  
> from the card I originally set the property on.
> Somehow changing the  
> Cell Editing property inadvertently enables the
> Share Text property,  
> although the checkbox for Share Text remains
> unchecked. Odd huh?
> Bob Sneidar

Hi Bob,

It seems you have uncovered a rather unnerving design
flaw in the current table field. Implemented in
Transcript, the source is available for anyone
interested, in the 'revTable' frontscript.

The way it is written, implies table behavior cannot
be placed in a background group and combined with the
sharedText property set to false, as it only keeps
track of a single set of data, accross all the cards
it has been placed on.

A trip to bugzilla is in order, and for now it may be
a better option to use one of the alternative table
field constructions, such as by Kenneth L. Simmons:

Jan Schenkel.

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