audio file volume levels

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Fri May 26 14:06:43 EDT 2006

You might look for an audio editor that has batch processing features.

The process you desire is called 'Normalizing' and will adjust the 
peaks to be at 100% (or whatever level you want).

Of course this process does modify the sound - and of course the 
low-level noise  that is there.. so be careful, if used to the 
extreme it can sound crunchy (those lower level bits don't 
regenerate, they just hang there...ha!)

Cross platform Audacity is free. But there doesn't seem to be any 
batch features.

Sound Studio for the Mac is great and really easy to use, however no 
batch features.

BabaBatch is incredible and coverts everything to everything but is pricey.

Quicktime Pro might even do this....perhaps you can do it all in Rev 
using Applescripts... you need to find an Audiounits plugin that will 

>I have a stack which uses a large number of audio files, and 
>unfortunately they were recorded at various volume levels.  I would 
>like to "even them out" so that they sound more matched with each 
>other, volume-wise.  Does anyone have a suggestion as to a utility 
>that can accomplish this? It is not practical in my situation merely 
>to use the Rev QT player object to play them back at different 
>levels; I need to actually modify the sound files themselves.

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