Delete item won't work in Repeat for each loop

Ian McKnight iangmcknight at
Thu May 25 03:05:07 EDT 2006

Thanks for that.



On 24/05/06, David Vaughan <dvk at> wrote:
> On 25/05/2006, at 7:52, Ian McKnight wrote:
> >
> > I think I see whats happening. I'm not altering the original data in
> > theImportedData variable rarther the copy of the data thats in the
> > loop variable. So unless I store this -- I lose it.
> In fact, if you do alter importedData itself rather then theRecord in
> your Repeat For Each loop then the loop will either crash or corrupt
> importedData because the loop pointers will be out of sync with the
> data through which it is stepping. RFE is a very different beast from
> a standard i = j to k loop.
> regards
> David
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