date anomalies when converting to seconds

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006, 9:44:06 PM, you wrote:

> You're welcome. As everyone who reads these lists will know, I've done
> a lot of whinging about this problem. I would like a "localSeconds"
> that just got converted regardless of time zone, daylight savings or
> anything else, so that the same number always gave the same date &
> time, no matter what computer it was converted on.

There's a note attached to BZ #2356, which would be encouraging if it
weren't a year old already (2005-06-24)...

"This issue comes sits well with a number of cross-platform issues
with date and time that we are currently reviewing"

No doubt you're referring to BZ #2387, still on a roll with 49 votes.
IIRC this is the one we decided to focus on as a catch-all for votes
in order to gather momentum for fixing the date routines.

But also of interest:

BZ #62
BZ #415
BZ #1124
BZ #2356
BZ #2373
BZ #3302
BZ #3309

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