SSL and certificates

Mark Smith mark at
Wed May 24 06:34:21 EDT 2006

Can anyone point me to any info about how to use the ssl & encryption  
library? Particularly info about certificates.
I'm trying to interact with an https SOAP based service, and not  
getting very far - I keep getting certificate errors. I have no  
knowledge at all of how these things work, so I need to get up to  
speed somehow.

When I try to post the login request to the service, I get :
error -Error with certificate at depth: 1  issuer   = /C=US/ 
O=VeriSign, Inc./OU=Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority   
subject  = /C=ZA/O=Thawte Consulting (Pty) Ltd./CN=Thawte SGC CA  err  
20:unable to get local issuer certificate

I have tried, just to get going - libUrlSetSSLVerification false
but then I just get socket timeout errors.



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