Claudi Cornaz claudi.c at
Tue May 23 18:17:59 EDT 2006

Hi all,

I have a stack, some kind of outliner, which I would like to donate to 
this community.
Of course my userspace would seem logical, but I would like to know
how many people download it (if there is a lot of interest it might 
stimulate me to document
the code more and to "prune" the code. It's like it is now and I am 
working on something
much more than a outliner now and I spend all my time on that).
Outliners are nice but they are actualy kindergarten stuff and with the 
amount of
available data nowadays we need something much more flexible and fluid.

So my actual question is, is there some way to track the download 
statistics of my userspace?

Otherwise I will probably make a little demo and upload that to my 
userspace and
add a btn to this demo to download the real stack from my site.

That's if there is any interest in this at all. I use it on my mac as a 
standalone on a daily basis.
It saves double clickable  documents. (well at least it did, although 
the last compiled version
suddenly doesn't anymore. It could have to do with a missing 
applescript resource in the compiled app
I read somewhere on this list)

Best wishes

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