Viewing the size of stack elements

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue May 23 17:08:37 EDT 2006

Ben Rubinstein wrote:

> Has anybody developed a tool - and to what extent is this possible - for 
> viewing the size of objects in Rev stacks?

I have some tools in the works which provide a wide range of project
metrics, but they focus mostly on code (number of lines, calls in/out,
complexity measurements, etc.).

I'm not sure how you'd get size info; the file format's not easy to
parse (I know, I've tried - Raney recommended not pursuing it unless I 
had a lot of time on my hands, something about a complex hashing scheme).

> The origin of all this is that I'm preparing to move an app that's always been 
> monolithic to a splashscreen-standalone, self-updating one - and I'm trying to 
> see how an earth it got so big!  This is an app that I've been updating and 
> refining for many years - it was actually the app that I purchased Metacard to 
> create, many years ago before Revolution had been released, when I needed to 
> move a primitive Hypercard version to Windows.  So it's a big old thing, 
> there's a lot of history in it - and I think there's fat which can be 
> stripped.  But I need some tools to go looking.
> Any suggestions, pointers, tools, warnings, etc gratefully received.

As a one-off job, I'm not sure how much work you'd want to put into a
tool.  I know of only one other person who could use such a tool at the
moment, but even with that case there are alternatives.

It would be nifty if the engine provided the info, but in all fairness 
it's pretty rare that I'd need it.

Then again, if we could put objects into variables (I'd love that for 
implementing Undo) we could get the length of the variable to determine 
the number of bytes the object requires.  Then you'd have your 
reporting, and Jan and I would have a handy addition to make undo easier. :)

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