Viewing the size of stack elements (AKA, where have all the bytes gone?)

Mark Wieder mwieder at
Tue May 23 14:53:25 EDT 2006


Tuesday, May 23, 2006, 10:33:57 AM, you wrote:

> it transparent or cryptic?  Is there a published description anywhere?  (Also,
> does anyone know what RunRev's attitude is to poking around - are they
> relaxed, or likely to reach for the DCMA?)

See the new 2.7 license agreement. My reading of clauses 4.h and 4.k
(IANAL) is that "poking around" is ok, but changing things is not.

But... have you tried using Chipp Walters' altCleanStack first? I
usually end up getting rid of 50% or so of stuff I don't need.

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