2.7.1 annoying window thing

Thomas McCarthy tominjapan at excite.com
Tue May 23 00:05:59 EDT 2006

I'm glad I'm not dreaming this. [sad that it's happening]
Also this happens: The stack has a link to open the browswer. The browser opens behind the stack. Clicking on the visible portion of the browser window doesn't bring it to the front. Only minimizing the stack's window works. (WinXP...maybe mac, too)

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This has happened to me just today... 20 minutes ago in fact... I had  to blink... I used the "Open" file menu in the IDE, because the stack  was not on my recent list... I got the usual open file dialog  box.. .clicked on my stack and nothing appeared... hmmm.  where is it?Something told me that it *had* to be there.. so I moved the top  stack to the side, and Viola (Big Violin)! There it was.Indeed, it opened behind the top stack..2.7.1 OSXSivakatirswamiOn May 20, 2006, at 3:51 AM, Thomas McCarthy wrote:> Has anyone noticed this? I have a window, not a pallet, but it's  > decoration is set to minimize and close box. Now in 2.7.1, other  > stacks open up _behind_ this window-- even the answer dialogue! I  > was able to overcome regular stacks opening up behind it by using a  > kluge (open the stack and then go to it), but the ask/answer  > dialogue???? I ask you! Is there some property I need to set or may  > have set inadvertently (this did happen in 2.6)

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