Video at the conference.

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Mon May 22 11:41:31 EDT 2006

With all due respect Dan, that was a pretty lowball video set up last year.
A tiny consumer camera streaming through a laptop using the same 
router that everyone else was using is not exactly a 'broadcast'. And 
how could there have been much of a response since the 'broadcast' 
was never announced?

What exactly were the 'logistic and deployment issues' you mentioned? 
It looked like Chris just popped the camera out of his bag and 
plugged it in. Chris was quite busy with other Rev-like tasks - how 
could he properly accommodate doing a decent presentation?

The camera was mostly static (boring), the lighting on the subject 
(what lighting?) was horrible and no provision was made to switch 
between the direct feed to the projector and the camera. No room 
camera to go to either. Pretty hard to watch. Finally the microphone 
on the camera was used for the audio, rendering much of what was said 
to an echo-y mush. Sorry, Dan, that's not the way it's done. Nobody 
will watch (or listen) to that. The production values have to be at 
least C-span quality.

For anyone to actually sit through this, the production values have 
to be at least good enough to see someone's face in a postage stamp 
sized video. And one must still light the subject properly-even if 
it's headed to the low-rez web, as it will result in smaller streams 
sent due to the compression working less hard.

If it's done well, and professionally, it could be an asset to the 
Rev community. One guy with two cameras and a switcher could do it.

It could be paid for with a small paypal fee from those who want to 
watch. Surely there is some firm that would do this on spec.


I'll be happy to be able to just find a place to plug in my laptop 
this year.And if you need help with audio (or video) deployment, let 
me know....


>At this point we have no plans to videotape any sessions because of the
>logistics and deployment issues we ran into last year with almost zero
>response from the community.
>Audio may happen but video probably won't, at least not predictably and for

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