passing parameters in a send call.

Jim Ault JimAultWins at
Sun May 21 19:03:42 EDT 2006

Another way to pass the array is to

   combine pArray using cr and comma --your choice of delim's
-->now this variable is just a list
--     with the keys as the first item in each line

   send " myAdd pArrayA" to stack "someStack"

on myAdd pArrayA
   split pArray using cr and comma
--> now you have the array again

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

On 5/21/06 2:34 PM, "Andre Garzia" <soapdog at> wrote:

> Dar,
> Thanks for pointing the bug number. I wish I could vote more than 5
> votes on a given bug!!!
> As a scheme programmer, sometimes, I wan my lists back...
> PS: I might not have control of the stack I need to call, think I'll
> use customProps to carry the array key/value pairs.
> Cheers
> andre
> On May 21, 2006, at 6:17 PM, Dar Scott wrote:
>> Perhaps you can temporarily put the stack script into the front
>> scripts.  If you have control of the stack, you can change it to
>> take a flattened stack.
>> The array-as-value issue goes like this:  In programming languages
>> arrays are either a property of a variable (or otherwise related to
>> variables) or a type of value.  In Rev, arrays are in between, a
>> straddling that adds to confusion, as in this case.  Arrays should
>> move off that limbo.  Some folks like the notion that arrays should
>> be first class values... that arrays should be allowed as elements
>> of arrays, that array values returned from functions can be passed
>> to other functions, that arrays should be allowed in send, and so
>> on.  You might want to look at Bug 3610 and all the others it
>> consolidates and see if you agree.
>> Being a Scheme programmer, Andre, you probably have a better grasp
>> of the issues than, say, one whose background is in C programming.
>> Dar Scott
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