opening email app in Windows

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Sat May 20 06:58:13 EDT 2006

Hi Peter,

If you don't specify an e-mail address with revGoURL or revMail, it  
still works. So, I'd assume that not leaving %L empty doesn't do any  
harm. It is surely worth a try.




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Op 20-mei-2006, om 8:02 heeft Peter Brigham het volgende geschreven:

<snip revGoURL script>

> My question is regarding the pWhich variable substitutions. In the  
> script for revGoURL, pWhich contains the email address, which I do  
> not want to specify. If I simply don't substitute anything for "%1"  
> in the result of the queryRegistry function, will Windows just  
> activate the email app without objection?
> >>>>
> -- Peter

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