Basic UI idiosyncrasies (bugs?) with 2.7.1 Win version

Rob Cozens rcozens at
Fri May 19 11:31:30 EDT 2006

Hi Bob,

> if I have a stack open with the message box open (and no other Win app 
> running) I will see the basic Revolution interface bar, the Tools 
> palette, the Message Box window, and the stack window.  If I now open, 
> say, Win Explorer it opens on the top of everything (correct/expected 
> behaviour), but normal Windows behaviour then means I should be able 
> to click on any visible part of the stack, or the Rev UI (Tools 
> palette, Message Box, etc.) and everything to do with the Rev UI 
> including the open stack windows should all come to the front.  
> However, only the window you click on comes to the front, except in 
> the case of clicking on the main Rev interface bar and then just some 
> of the Rev components (not all !!) come to the front.

The same thing happens here--as I recently reported to someone whose 
compiled Rev standalone I was testing--with one additional bug:  
selecting the standalone from the task bar when it is beneath another 
app unselects the other app but brings _no_ window to the front.

Rob Cozens
CCW, Serendipity Software Company

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