RecordInput from USB Microphones not available?

Sivakatirswami katir at
Mon May 15 06:18:58 EDT 2006

Phil wrote:

I have a Griffin iMic USB audio interface thing, into which I plug a  
non-USB mic. My Mac OS X sees the iMic as an audio input device. I  
can select it in the Sound sys prefs panel as my input device, and  
away I go! Then Rev 'hears' it just fine.

OK, yes, it works... but  one must stick with the default codec  
"none" ... any attempt to set it to ulaw with the USB mic doesn't  
work... and touching the input setting can also be a problem (i.e.  
"dflt" is what we want.... nothing else)

But anyway, it doesn't seem to matter too muich. For voice  I'm  
getting small file sizes at 16 bit, 22.01kHz. (8 bit introduces to  
much hiss and pops.) Setting the record format to "wave" and the file  
extension to ".wav" means it boots on both platforms which is  
great... WMP  on Windows and QT on the Mac.

[ if you want  quality -- giant files...
   set the recordsamplesize to 128.21
   set the recordrate  to 44.1

uLaw 2:1 codec and recordformat "ulaw" and file extension set to  
".au"  gives me only only a slightly smaller file for the same length  
of time at 22.01 16 bit, but those settings only work with the  
internal mic...and  that's bad quality. If I try alaw with the  USB   
mic I get some horrible screeching noise that won't stop until I quit  

My problem was trying to use the codecs, instead of just going with  
the default compression "none"  -- OK... I'm good to go: for voice  
annotation of photos, email attachments  at 22.01, 16 bit, we get  
really small files and perfectly acceptable quality.


On May 13, 2006, at 2:09 PM, Thomas McCarthy wrote:

> Katir,
> I use my USB adapter for recording with rev all the time. (OSX).  
> Just go to the system preferences -> sound -> input and select your  
> USB device (needs to be plugged in, of course.) I haven't tried  
> selecting it via rev, though.
> You _may_ have to do this before starting rev. I'm pretty sure I  
> had to restart Audacity before it would recognize it...or was that  
> Win98?....
> Anyhow, it's very doable.
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