Using Revolution only in a command line mode?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun May 14 01:36:20 EDT 2006

Mark Schonewille wrote:

> When you look at the beginning of a MetaCard file, you see a few  
> shell commands. Actually, a path, 3 comments and a shell command. It  
> tells the shell to start the MetaCard executable !/bin/sh/mc if you  
> have that installed.


   # MetaCard 2.4 stack
   # The following is not ASCII text,
   # so now would be a good time to q out of more

Seems the last line is just saying that opening the file in any shell 
editor isn't a useful thing to do.

Is there a value to running MC stacks through a shell that I'm missing?

> This is different in the new stack file format, which doesn't contain  
> these commands. Normally, you don't use this because you launch  
> stacks from the Finder and open them with the Revolution IDE, but you  
> might launch stacks in the old format from the command line and have  
> the stack launched with the correct executable automatically.

But the executable specified is sh, which doesn't know what to do with a 
stack file (hence the last line).

I may be tired, but I just don't see a major benefit to the old header, 
not any significant loss for new binary format to use a different header 
than the old binary format -- so long as the new format contains at 
least enough human-readable info to identify the file format.  I don't 
use v2.7 -- does it?

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