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Shameless Self Promotion here:

You can subscribe to Hinduism Today Digital Magazine for free. The  
concept was seeded by Dan's Smart  Books, with added features built  
into a prototype by our team here and the "heavy lifting" coding was  
done by Andre.

But I think the concept of a Revolution front end to PDF resources  
that live on a web server and are downloaded and stored as a library  
on the local hard drive  is a very solid concept for the edu world.

of course Dan's book is also there  as a teaching tool.


On May 10, 2006, at 1:17 PM, Devin Asay wrote:

> Dear Revolutionaries,
> Next week I, along with another member of this list, am giving a  
> presentation/demo of web-enabled sofware produced with Revolution  
> at the CALICO symposium. CALICO is a leading organization promoting  
> the use of computer-based language learning applications. (Its  
> members include many higher ed and K-12 language teachers, who are  
> precisely the kind of "inventive users" that Dan Shafer describes.)  
> I'm going to be demoing some of my recent projects, and making  
> available a "Learning Web" application to attendees. This is a  
> minimal, "launcher" application that will allow them to run web- 
> based stacks to see the possibilities of web-aware applications  
> that are free of the encumbrances of web browsers.
> I would also like attendees to be able to examine other great  
> stacks that some of you have created. This seems like a great way  
> to show them the wide range of applications possible with  
> Revolution. So, I am seeking both suggestions and permission to  
> give URLs of your best web-based Rev stacks to these educators. The  
> launcher app will only run the stacks over the http protocol, and  
> will not save them to the local disk. I will only give out URLs  
> with specific permission from the authors.
> So, Revvers, what do you want the world to see? URLs please. (Scott  
> Rossi, I'd especially love to show them some of the beautiful work  
> you've done.)
> BTW, I'm a little new to this distributed model for running  
> software, so if any of you have any advice or cautions for me  
> before I present this in a public presentation I'd love to hear them.
> (And, RunRev, I think I'm staying legal here. Please advise me if  
> you have concerns.)
> Thanks in advance.
> Devin Asay
> Devin Asay
> Humanities Technology and Research Support Center
> Brigham Young University
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