Valentina for Revolution 2.4b5 Brings RevDB Compatibility

Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at
Wed May 10 21:10:47 EDT 2006

Valentina for Revolution 2.4b5

May 10th, 2006. Paradigma Software is updating Valentina for Revolution to
increase compatibility with Revolution 2.x. This release includes the
following features:

    * Support for RevDB. Now it is possible to use RevDB exactly like any
other supported database (such as Valentina XCMD 1.11)
    * Installer for Revolution Stack. A new stack that eases installing
Valentina 2.x. This removes the tedium of having to manually set up the
    * Test Project.  A new test project which automates testing each feature
of Valentina 2.x for Revolution.
    * RevDB API Bridge. Use the RevDB API yet still have access to direct
calls to Valentina (to access the many advanced features of Valentina that
cannot otherwise be exposed through query builder).
    * Explain Feature. A new kernel feature can optionally allow each SQL
query to be written to a log to help diagnose and track the results of

Several other new features are in the works. If you already have a license
for Valentina 2.x for Revolution, this is a free upgrade. Download from

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