Playing Simultaneous Sounds?

Scott Rossi scott at
Wed May 10 01:27:26 EDT 2006

Recently, Judy Perry wrote:

>> use two or more players set to different filenames.  Or use an imported
>> audioclip and a player.

> Must they be external files then?

Players reference external files.  However, if you need the sound files to
be internal, you could try importing audio-only files as videoClips.  I just
tried this on OSX and it works (not sure if this technique will work on
Windows without QT).  I used Trevor DeVore's technique of saving WAV files
out of QuickTimePro as MOV files.  In Rev I imported the MOVs as videoClips
(File>Import As Control>Video File...).

To control playback:

  play videoClip <>
  play stop videoClip <>

I even tried this, which works here:

  play videoClip <> looping

NOTE: For best results, it seems necessary to reference the clip by name, as
opposed to number (ie videoClip 1).  Playing and stopping a clip by number
works Ok, but stopping a looping clip seems to fail unless you reference the
clip by name.

Remember, if you import media into your stack, all those assets get loaded
into memory before you can use them -- you should be wary of this if you're
importing large MP3 files or similar.


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