RevPrintfield Printing Problem

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Tue May 9 17:57:53 EDT 2006

Thomas Cole wrote:

> I find that if I print text that is more than one page, there is 
> sometimes a terrible print-out with lines of text printed one atop 
> another on much of page 2!
> My script is simple enough:
>   if it is "print now" then
>        put test into cd fld "printfield"
>        revPrintField the name of cd field "printfield"
>      end if
> I'm very worried about my project because of this. I have seen this on 
> one printer in my office, but I took it to be a buggy printer. Now my 
> editor has printed out some things for the software that accompanies a 
> book I am writing, and I see this same disaster.

The most common reason for printing glitches is not having the latest 
drivers installed. Make sure your print drivers are up to date.

Also, if you aren't using the latest version of Revolution, you might 
want to download the trial and see if that fixes it.

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