RevPrintfield Printing Problem

Thomas Cole Tom.Cole at
Tue May 9 14:57:56 EDT 2006

I sent a query in about my printing problem, but there were so many
others that it has disappeared and didn't get a reply. I'm taking the
liberty to resubmit it. Has anyone heard of this chronic problem I have?
Many thanks.

I find that if I print text that is more than one page, there is 
sometimes a terrible print-out with lines of text printed one atop 
another on much of page 2!

My script is simple enough:

  if it is "print now" then
       put test into cd fld "printfield"
       revPrintField the name of cd field "printfield"
     end if

I'm very worried about my project because of this. I have seen this on 
one printer in my office, but I took it to be a buggy printer. Now my 
editor has printed out some things for the software that accompanies a 
book I am writing, and I see this same disaster.

Has anyone seen this? I could put a scan of what it looks like on line 
for someone to see. I've looked at some of the Rev sites and I can't 
find any reference to this printing problem.

Is there a more sure-fire way of printing?


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