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Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue May 9 12:43:56 EDT 2006

Bob Warren wrote:
> But while I was waiting for an answer, I did a search on the Internet 
> and found what I wanted. I am now a member of the group, and, following 
> the clear instructions there, I now have the latest test version (MC IDE 
> v2.6b12) up and running under Ubuntu Linux! Of course, the proof of the 
> pudding is in the eating, so once I've had a chance to develop an 
> application or two under Ubuntu I'll be able to supply a bit more 
> feedback.

Looking forward to it.

Tip: In keeping with the tradition of the MC IDE, the final release 
addresses all known bugs.  However, the version in the "Latest Test 
Versions" folder is very stable and much improved over the last final 

We're about to go final with that build soon, so if you can help pound 
on it and report any issues to the MC list that'll help make sure 
they're addressed.

Thanks -

  Richard Gaskin
  Managing Editor, revJournal
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