[OT] Routerless Network?

Richmond Mathewson geradamas at yahoo.com
Tue May 9 12:28:04 EDT 2006

I have a Pentium 3 running Windows XP and a G4 Mirror Door running Mac OSX 10.4.6 - they are networked together via a Switch/Hub (this is not a router) using Ethernet:

The settings for the XP box are as follows:

Properties> Internet protocol (TCP/IP); IP address

Subnet Mask

other settings left empty

The settings for the Mac OSX box are similar:

Subnet Mask


Windows networking is allowed, as is sharing.

An ethernet cable runs out of the LAN port of the PC into the SWITCH,
another ethernet cable does the same between the MAC and the SWITCH.

On your XP desktop create a new SHORTCUT,

in the XP shortcut WIZARD type \\\ScottRossi where 'ScottRossi' is the exact name of your normal user account on the MAC box,

the WIZARD will then ask you to give the SHORTCUT a name (e.g. Rossi's box),

when you double click on the SHORTCUT for the first time it will ask you for the password of the user account on the MAC,

then it will open the user account of the MAC as a normal browser window on the XP desktop:

you can then drag-n-drop files and folders in both directions to your heart's content.

sincerely, Richmond Mathewson


"Philosophical problems are confusions arising owing to the fluidity of meanings users attach to words and phrases."
                                       Mathewson, 2006
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