Location of cloned stack

Phil Davis davis.phil at comcast.net
Mon May 8 23:39:19 EDT 2006

Hi James,

When you clone a stack:

- The topLeft of the defaultStack is the point of reference for placing 
the clone, *no matter which stack that may be*. I've had it be a palette 
when I meant for it to be a regular stack. To avoid that, just set the 
defaultStack immediately before cloning.

- When created, the topLeft of the clone will be offset 32 pixels from 
the topLeft of the defaultStack. I don't think you can stop that from 

Phil Davis

James Spencer wrote:
> This is a curiosity question.  OS X 10.4.6 and Rev 2.7.1.  My  
> application contains a substack which I clone as needed for a  multiple 
> windows.  I had thought a cloned stack inherited all of the  properties 
> of the original (other than it's name) but for some  reason, the 
> location of my cloned stack is apparently unrelated to  the original 
> stack's location.
> I was was starting to look at this issue because I was going to  create 
> some code to do offsets for new windows but the problem became  critical 
> with 2.7.1 however because with the new version (I don't  think anything 
> else changed), the cloned window is appearing with its  top at -33 which 
> of course means the title bar is under the menu bar  and of course, the 
> window can't be moved by the user outside the  development environment.
> Obviously, this is a minor problem as I can move the window in my  
> preOpenStack handler where I do the staggering code but I'm curious  as 
> to why this is happening?  Bug? or am I missing something?
> James P. Spencer
> Rochester, MN
> jspencer78 at mac.com
> "Badges??  We don't need no stinkin badges!"

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