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Mon May 8 21:49:36 EDT 2006


No- MacOSX has no problem launching files based upon extension. I 
believe the problem is that your can override that behavior by 
explicitly setting a file type. Since Revolution defaults to setting 
this to TEXT, you have to manage it yourself to avoid getting screwy 

I would hope that you could at least clear the setting in Revolution, 
or it does indeed make it very difficult to produce double-clickable 
files from Rev. I can't say that I've tried...


> Thanks to everyone who replied.
> Let me get this right. You all are saying Macs _CAN'T LAUNCH A FILE 
> I understood why this was in MacOS9, but you would think that would've 
> changed by is 2006 and the OS is supposedly modern. Surely 
> there is a setting somewhere which manages all this? After all, we do 
> live in a world with more than one OS.
> Or, do I need to create a lookup table and reset filetypes for each 
> and every file downloaded? How do all of you do this?
> Thanks again for your comments!
> -Chipp
> Ken Ray wrote:
>> On 5/8/06 6:49 PM, "Mark Schonewille" 
>> <m.schonewille at>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi Chipp,
>>> Check the file and creator type of the original file and make sure to
>>> the filetype before using the put url command.
>> And FYI, for Office 2004 for Mac, the creator is "XCEL" and the type 
>> is
>> "XLS8" (case sensitive).
>> If for some reason the .xls file has resources in it, you might also 
>> want to
>> do a "resfile:" copy as well, as in:
>> set the fileType to "XCELXLS8"
>> put URL ("binfile:" & "text.xls") into URL ("binfile:" & "text2.xls")
>> put URL ("resfile:" & "text.xls") into URL ("resfile:" & "text2.xls")
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