Field modified function?

Mark Smith mark at
Mon May 8 07:29:16 EDT 2006

You could also use the MD5digest function - it derives a number (128  
bits) from a string, if the string (in this case the contents of a  
field) changes, the md5digest of it also changes.



On 8 May 2006, at 08:26, Sarah Reichelt wrote:

> > Is there a function that tells me if the text in an field has been
>> changed by the user?  This is needed for a multi lined field that  
>> will
>> contain large amounts of text.  So keeping a copy of the text in  
>> another
>> field or variable may not be viable.
> When you exit the field i.e. you click somewhere else, or tab into a
> new field, the field gets a closeField message if the data has changed
> and an exitField message of there was no change. Maybe the closeField
> message will do what you need.
> Cheers,
> Sarah
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