drag a title-less palette stack

Klaus Major klaus at major-k.de
Sun May 7 11:37:53 EDT 2006

Hi Paul,

> Hi All
> I need a script so that a palette stack without a title bar  can be  
> dragged around with a mouseDown within the stack?.
> I have unsuccessfully tried different ways and searched the  
> literature but no luck.
> I feel that somewhere there is an solution, can someone kindly  
> point the way?

put this into the card or stack script:

local maydrag

on mouseDown
   put mouseH() & "," & mouseV() into maydrag
end mouseDown

on mouseMove
   if maydrag is not empty then
     set the topLeft of this stack to item 1 of the screenMouseLoc -  
item 1 of maydrag,item 2 of the screenMouseLoc - item 2 of maydrag
   end if
end mouseMove

on mouseUp
   put empty into maydrag
end mouseUp

on mouserelease
end mouserelease

Hope that helps.

> many thanks
> Paul


Klaus Major
klaus at major-k.de

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