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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat May 6 00:39:05 EDT 2006

Cal Horner wrote:
> With all the tenacity of a Pit Bull, I charge on. Trying to figure out why
> the process related to a stand alone .exe stays in the Windows Task manager
> list, even after the Stand alone if finished, closed and removed.

A standalone will remain in memory if one or both of these two 
conditions are met:

- One or more stacks are still open
- One or more pending messages are still in queue

You might try putting something like this in your app's script:

on shutDownRequest
    answer "Windows: "& the windows &cr&cr& "Messages:" \
      & the pendingMessage
    pass shutDownRequest
end shutDownRequest

That will at least tell you what's open and pending at the time your app 
gets the message to quit.

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