Windows mysteries

Jim Ault JimAultWins at
Thu May 4 13:01:44 EDT 2006

Let me start by saying I am a Mac guy who does not spend much time on my
Windows machine.

Two weeks ago, new install of XP Home+clean hard drive by Computer Builders
Warehouse technician.  No Microsoft office, etc installed...  just IE.

These 2 issues may be realated ::
Issue 1 - Rev 2.5.1 was installed by me and operating 1 week ago.

Later, did the 2.6.1 upgrade.  Did delete 2.5.1 from the control panel, then
installed 2.6.1.  Cannot get the icons to show Rev, even going to
properties.  The icons do show as Rev if I reinstall 2.5.1

Again, unistall, install 2.6.1 will not show the icons (even using "open
with..) or allow double click to launch.  Drag over Rev 2.6.1 shortcut will

Issue 2 - working on stack 001.rev saving changes frequently.  Then with the
stack still open, use Inspector to change the stack name to 002, then do
Save As 002.rev

Card modifications to fields and buttons saved in 002, but not stack script
modifications, HOWEVER, the opposite is true, the stack script saved in 001,
but not card modifications.  In this case, it is easy to copy the stack
script into 002 and go forward... makes no sense to me

ver 001 is 55k | ver 002 is 43k with mod date 3 min later than 001.

These may be related, and both are total, frustrating mysteries to me.  I
would prefer to develop on the Mac, but this is a specific printing app that
needs all the formatting-driver-printer nuances to be precise.

What are the lessons I need to learn and where can I go read about them?

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

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