Extracting PICT resources

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at barncard.com
Tue May 2 19:21:25 EDT 2006

I'll check my list of old XCMDS....there should be something that 
converts PICT resources into PICT files.... there's all kinds of 
resource xcmds out there.

You'll have to do the conversion in Hypercard  'cause  those won't work in Rev.
I have a collection called 'Clip To Pict' which has an x called 'Clip 
to Pict File'...

I know all the functions of 'Rescopy' were also broken out into different x's.

do you want me to find, stuff and make those available to you?


>I'm converting an old Hypercard app to Revolution. That app used 
>PICT resources in stacks to store images. There are hundreds of 
>them. Before I start doing them one by one in Photoshop, does anyone 
>know whether I could write a rev stack to automate this? I've looked 
>at the commands that work with Mac Classic resource forks, but I 
>don't know enough about how they're structured to try to extract 
>just the PICT resources. Has anyone tried anything like this? 
>Failing that, is there existing software that does this? I've tried 
>GraphicConverter, which purports to do batch conversions, but I 
>couldn't make it work with PICT resources.
>Devin Asay

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