More OSX Appearance Confusion

Jan Schenkel janschenkel at
Mon May 1 06:46:41 EDT 2006

--- Arthur Urban <aturban at> wrote:
> All my controls appear correctly under OSX, but the
> window backdrop does 
> not have that light horizontal striping that is
> typical of Aqua/Quartz 
> application windows. Instead it's just plain white.
> Have I missed a 
> setting in Rev? Thanx!

Hi Arthur,

You haven't missed a setting: according to Apple's
Human Interface Guidelines stripes are for dialog
boxes, toolbars and palettes ; documents shouldn't
have stripes.
TopLevel stacks are regarded as documents, so their
default background is white ; however, not all is
lost: you can add stripes through adding a control and
setting its backgroundPattern.
- create a new rectangle graphic
- send it to the back
- set its border to 0
- set its rectangle to (0, 0,stack width, stack
- set its backgroundPattern to 210091 (you can find it
in the 'Standard Icons' set in the Image Library)

Hope this helped,

Jan Schenkel.

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