Rev Media and the product line gap

Dan Shafer revolutionary.dan at
Fri Mar 31 17:06:34 EST 2006

Maybe I'm just stubborn. (Naw, couldn't be!) :-)

But, dammit Lynn, I believe I'm not being too immodest when I say that I'm
the inventor of the term "inventive user" and that that gives me *some*
standing in defining it.

Chipp and I talked about this a bit on the phone earlier. My view is that if
you are a trained programmer (even if self-taught, you've studied
*programming*) and/or your *primary* job function is programming, then you
are a professional programmer. Anyone who hasn't been trained as a
programmer OR who programs only as a relatively small part of their job or
strictly as a hobby is what I call an Inventive User.

Chipp, by that standard, is a self-described Inventive User. So am I. So, I
think, is Jerry Daniels. I suspect Richard Gaskin falls into that category
as do all of the educational folks here and.... You get the idea. I think
the "sweet spot" for Rev *is* the Inventive User. in fact, I think very few
professional programmers will adopt Rev for a host of reasons I've gone into

So while the Inventive User market may be a tad elusive and hard to define
precisely, I don't think that should relegate them to a "D) None of the
Above" category on your list. (BTW, you've never given us A through C!)

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